Electric Toothbrush Pulp Packaging Manufacturers

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Electric Toothbrush Pulp Packaging Manufacturers


Size:Customized as per request

Material: bamboo, sugarcane byproduct, bagasse

Color: White or other color

Advantage: automatic machine made, High-Quality, 100% biodegradable, allmeets export standard

Process Type: Pulp Molding

Environmentally Friendly And Biodegradable Molded Paper Pulp Packaging

Use:electronic packaging

Our company specializes in a wide range of printings for color boxes, hang labels, brochures, product catalogs, self-adhesive tapes, and nameplates. We have maintained long-term business relations with more than 30 major clients, such as BenQ, Logitech, ASUS, Pioneer, LG, Motorola, BYD, Sony, HP, MSI, Makita, to name just a few. Our daily output averages are as follows: 1,000,000 brochures, 600,000 color boxes, 3,000,000 self-adhesive tapes, and 500,000 nameplates, totaling up to 19.0 million US dollars in the average annual yield.With a view to integrating itself to the prevailing international practice

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Wet press molded pulp|

Dry press molded pulp|

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